About Us

C4C, Inc. promise to be the better corporation, that aspires to give back to the neighborhoods we work in and to the families from all economically challenged neighborhoods and beyond

Our Armed Forces, MARINES, ARMY, AIR FORCE, and the NAVY deserve our support so we at C4C, Inc. promise to support them. We will be gifting 5% of every net dollar we make to the families in the US Military. We will support all programs to include bringing pets home from foreign duty, gift cards for grocery foods and all needs we discover as we grow. 100% of every dollar that goes in will come out and not be used for administrative costs.

We will work to bring changes to the socio-economically challenged neighborhoods through education, employment, and opportunities to change generational poverty. C4C, Inc. will offer another 5% of every net dollar we make to these services that will include college tuition, housing assitance, early stage education tools including internet,computers and more.